Fistopherson Elements

Fistopherson Elements

This is a Kit. These are parts. Not a complete figure. Please read:

Each part is painstakingly molded and casted from various sources. All pieces are reproduced with the intention of enhancing or replacing pieces in your collection. There will be some sanding and / or trimming required.

We also recommend that you lightly heat parts before connecting them to your vintage figures. We soften the materials with hot, not boiling, water or a hair dryer. This method will also work if you want to slightly warp or distort the pieces to fit your project.

Let me emphasize: These are not “plug in play” parts, you will be required to do some additional work on the these parts. Please refer to the pictures to see the parts as you will receive them.

These pieces are made to order and cast in a semi rigid urethane resin. They will come to you blank (unpainted) flesh, purple, or grey tones, depending h on the piece. Please allow for a turnaround time of about 3 weeks for these parts.