HE-SUS: The Resurrection

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HE-SUS: The Resurrection

You thought HE-SUS: Savior of the Universe was down for the count but he has the ultimate hidden power, the power of resurrection!

This is the third version of HE-SUS, a 5.5” resin figure from plushPLAY. This resurrection version features a Photochromic He-sus that changes color in the sun (or under UV light) revealing that he is indeed one of the undead. He comes with a black shepard’s staff and feature gold leafing around the “sacred heart” armor and comes in a special Easter packaging.

I’ll be casting, but otherwise plushPLAY (aka Mariangela) will handle the finishing work. This is a pre-order. These figures will start shipping August / September of 2021.

A hand made Limited Edition 5.5" Resin Figure, posable at the arms.