Silent Sensei (pre-order ships January)

Silent Sensei (pre-order ships January)

This is a Pre-Order for a hand made 5.5” resin figure.

Presented by @hotgtoys and POPprolific, when the Silent Master was thought dead he was in actuality, traveling on a mystic quest. With aid of The Shaman, he was able to travel through the mystic planes and commune with ancient scholars from across time and space. It was here in this reality that he was able to further his martial arts training. He learned the art of conjuring energy into matter using thought alone. Allowing him to manifest an energy based version of any weapon he’s come across in his many adventures. Now, as the Silent Sensei, he has returned to teach us another way to be...

Eternian Energy Sword
Thought Projected Energy Dispenser

This is a Pre-Order for a hand made resin figure. The edition size will be 10 pieces. Figure will ship in January.