Duchess Von Dume (prototype)

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Duchess Von Dume  (prototype)

This is a prototype figure, made to test out colors and logo appliqué. We made 3 prototypes of this figure. The first one was sold at a show in a set with Serpent Supreme and the Destroyer in 2018. The second went into the fury force collection. This is the third one, it has some dimples on the inside of the arms. It’s not noticeable in photographs, but it is worth mentioning. These imperfections are part of the design making process and make this a unique piece.

Original description: Secret agent, spy, saboteur and tactical expert, Duchess Von Dume has recently challenged the status of Professor Von Dume’s regency in the ancient mountainside township of Dumas, located deep within the French Alpes. A traditional monarchy, Dumas has maintain its independence from being fully obsorbed by any European country, primary due to its remote location and technologically superiority over its immediate neighbors.
Though her birthright has been disputed, with much of her ancestry being of Swiss and Italian in origin, she has backed up her claims with the firepower brought by the forces of the arms dealer known as The Destroyer .