The Red Queen (pre-order ships December)

The Red Queen (pre-order ships December)

This is a Pre-Order for a hand made 5.5” resin figure.

Former secret agent, spy, saboteur and tactical expert, Duchess Von Dume has recently challenged and won the status of Regent in the ancient mountainside township of Dumas. Effectually ending Professor Von Dume’s long-standing claim in the title. He is rumored to maintain a close position as Advisor to the Office of Regent.
Though her birthright has been disputed, with much of her ancestry being of Swiss and Italian in origin. She has backed up her claims with the firepower brought by the forces of the European arms dealer known as The Destroyer. An impressive figure in these small powerful circles, who maintains offices and living quarters in Castle Dume, the Red Queen‘s current house of leadership.

This is a Pre-Order for a hand made resin figure. Figure will ship in December